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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Available Services


Traditional Chinese channel theory and Japanese Meridian therapy are utilized to diagnose and treat presenting pathologies.  We use minimal needles for maximum results. 

MICC Fat Burning Injection

Methionine helps to detoxify the body of heavy metals, inositol enhances fat metabolism, choline balances blood sugar, and B12 enhances energy. This is a favorite with our patients. 

ATP Resonance Therapy®

ATP delivers an electrical current that is programmed to directly heal tissues in the body, reducing inflammation as well as pain.

Electrical Stimulation

Electrical stimulation is utilized as an analgesic. It is a great alternative to treating chronic or acute pain. It can also be used to regenerate connective tissue muscle and bone. 

Point Injection Therapy

We use a variety of substances to help treat trigger points and nerve pain. Lidocaine, Procaine, Hydroxyl B12, Saline, and Chinese Herbs are used to enhance pain relief. 

Cupping Therapy

We use fire and silicone cups to relieve muscle tension and release toxins. Cupping is utilized when muscle and connective tissue are imbalanced effecting posture and function.   

B12 Injection

Feeling fatigued? We use Methyl B-12  to treat nerve and muscle pain, poor memory, chronic fatigue, depression, and heart health. B-12 can also help strengthen brittle nails and thinning hair. 


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